Pipe-in-pipe systems

Water leakage safe and early-warning system to detect and prevent water leakage
Pipe-in-pipe system

Most houses in Norway are built in wooden constructions with insulation inside the constructions. Houses built in this way makes a water damage by a hidden waterpipe installation very expensive and time-consuming to repair and create a lot of problems for the owner of the house.


To solve these problems the regulations and standards in Norway has special and unique rules in how to make a safe installation of pressurized water pipes in hidden installations (water damage safe installation).


All hidden waterpipe installations must be done with a Pipe in Pipe System to prevent any leakages inside the constructions and the waterpipe must be exchangeable without making any damage to the building constructions.


To prevent any damages to the building when a water leakage occurs inside the building constructions, Høiax developed already in 2005 a Pipe in Pipe system which retains any water leakage on a pipe or a coupling in a conduit pipe that ends outside the wall or in a distributor cabinet, without making any water damage to the building constructions.

A water leakage will therefore be detected at an early stage.


The push fit connection technology of the HØIAX AS drinking water system allows fast, safe and reliable installations and are designed to work together with the other components in the Pipe and Pipe System.

Dimension range: D15 – D18
Operating pressure: Up to 10 bar
Operating temperature: 0°C  to +95°C

Sintef approved, TG 20359

Main Applications:

  • Building Technology

  • Hot & Cold Water installations


Main Advantages:

  • Complete system

  • Exchangeable pex pipe (if damaged)   

  • Prevents water damages

  • Early warning system, leakages visible by drain

  • Shock-absorbing to prevent water hammering

  • Time saving

  • Safe

  • Secure

  • No corrosion